How can I show documents in a folder structure?

PPO's document entity provides users with the ability to store documents and upload documents of any format. Each document is connected to a set of meta-data, such as document type, document status, document title and description of the document.

By making use of this meta-data, a document folder structure can be set up for managing documents in PPO. This can be done by adding the “folder options” using custom lists, data fields and dependencies.

Step 1: Set up the folder options as custom lists

In this example, a document folder structure needs to be set up as follows:


The first step is to create custom lists for the Folder options and for the Sub-Folder options respectively. For more information on adding custom lists, see the following knowledge base article.

Once set up, the two lists will look as follows:





Step 2: Set up any required dependencies between folders

Not all sub-folder options should be available for all folders. A dependency between folder and sub-folder thus needs to be set up to ensure that the sub-folders for “Internal” and “Clients” are only available with the “Correspondence” folder is selected.

For full details on setting up dependencies, see the following knowledge base article.


 Step 3: Set up the folders as data fields

The last step is to set up the data fields for folder and sub-folder and to apply the newly created dependency. For more details on setting up data fields, see the following knowledge base article.

Once set up, the two fields will look as follows:





Users will now be able to specify a document folder and document sub-folder for each document, thereby allowing for  document file structure. This concept can be extended to allow for as many levels as required.

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