Why do projects that are added at the same time have the same PPO code?

PPO assigns project codes after a user has clicked on the Add Project icon but only affirms / saves this code once the user clicks on the Submit icon.

The reason for this is to prevent gaps in project numbering when a user clicks on the Add Project icon but then navigates away from the page without saving. If the project code were recorded and saved when the user clicked on Add Project, the code will be lost forever if the user decided to navigate away from the Add page without submitting.

It is therefore entirely possible to have two projects with the same project code: When the first user clicks on the Add Project icon, a code is generated by taking the highest existing project code, for example, 19 and adding 1. The new project code will therefore be 20.

When the second user clicks on the Add Project icon before the first user has clicked on submit, the highest existing code on the instance is still 19 (as the number 20 project has not yet been submitted), therefore the second user's project is also assigned to code 19.

The changes of this happening outside of initial data loading (when a client first starts using PPO) is fairly slim. Thus, duplicate project codes have to be manually corrected by the PPO Administrator.

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