How can I create a link from one entity record to another entity record?

It is sometimes required to create a link from a specific record in one entity, such as an Issue, to a specific record in another entity, such as a Risk. This can be done in PPO by implementing a calculated field. For more information on calculated fields, see the following FAQ.

In the example of an Issue linked to a specific Risk, the steps to implement would be as follows:

Step 1: Implement a reference field
This will be a integer field (because key’s are numeric) implemented on the Issues entity (entity from which the link will be implemented) containing the reference number or key of the Risk to which the Issue pertains. This should be implemented as a manual field (i.e. not calculated) and will also be non-required as not every Issue will relate to a Risk.


The user will manually add the risk reference number or key into this field, should it be applicable.

Step 2: Implement the link field
This step will implement a link field which will take the user to the correct Risk record directly from the Issue. Click on the "Add Calculated Field" icon and implement a URL data field and enter the PPO field name in the formula box.


The PPO field name can be found in the URL when viewing the data field (as illustrated above).

For more information on calculated data fields access the following knowledge base article.

Step 3: Create sample records
In order for the technical team to implement the calculation in the link field, sample records need to be set up. Also provide the technical team with the expected mapping between entities (i.e. which Issue you expect to link to which Risk).

Step 4: Log a support call
Lastly, log a support call requesting the PPO Support Team to add a calculation in the calculated field (provide the field name) linking it to the Risk record with the corresponding reference number (provide the key of the reference number on both entities).

Once implemented you will be able to click on the link in the Issues entity and be taken to the corresponding Risk.

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