Does PPO allow for Decisions to be logged and how?

Using the Decisions entity in PPO
PPO allows for a decision log by using one of its custom entities. The Decisions entity can be configured to allow for the capture of decision type, status, date, responsibility, context / rationale and attendees.

How do I go about setting this up?

PPO has a standard, pre-configured Decisions entity which makes use of a custom entity. The Decisions entity is included in some of PPO‘s pre-configured instances but can also be deployed to your instance on request. To set up this entity go to Administration >> Data Fields and select one of the unused custom entities. Rename the entity to "Decisions".


After the Decisions entity has been set up on your instance you will notice an added Decisions section on your Project View page, as well as an additional link on the Quick Page Locator.


Now log a support call from your PPO Home Page requesting that the standard decisions configuration be deployed to your instance - the PPO Support Team will assist.


What is included in the standard Decisions entity?

The Decisions entity is accompanied by a Decisions Report which is deployed together with the Decisions entity. There are no costs associated with either the implementation of the standard Decisions entity or the Report to your instance.


Once the Decisions entity and Decisions Report are deployed to your instance it is the responsibility of the Administrator to ensure that the applicable users (such as executives) have access to both the entity and report. The Administrator will also have to set up the required e-mail events for this entity from the Administration menu item.

Additional considerations

Keep in mind that each instance of PPO can only have nine custom entities. That is, the Decisions entity can only be added to your instance if you have, so far, used eight or less of your custom entities.

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