Does PPO automatically delete / add my tasks when I‘ve deleted / added them on my MSP plan?

Deleted tasks
When Tasks are deleted from your MSP plan they will not automatically be deleted from PPO upon the next import. The reason for this is that PPO has the ability to only import selected Tasks based on which Tasks are selected on the Import Task Wizard view page:

PPO therefore cannot discern between Tasks that were unselected and Tasks that were deleted in MSP. Tasks that are deleted from a MSP project plan will therefore have to be manually deleted from PPO as well.

Adding tasks
When you‘ve added a Task to your MSP plan you will simply have to ensure the Task is selected on the Import Task Wizard >> View page when importing your project plan in order for it to be added to your PPO project plan.

Re-importing project plans

For more information on the mechanisms involved in re-importing your project plan, please see the following FAQ

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