What is the MSP Add-In and how do I install it?

The MSP Add-In is an application that provides a link between Microsoft Project (MSP) and PPO and allows you to update your MSP schedule with information from the corresponding schedule in PPO.

Once a MSP schedule has been imported into PPO it must be updated with regards to progress directly in PPO. When a change needs to be made that will influence the structure of the project plan, the project plan will have to be edited in MSP. To ensure the MSP schedule corresponds with the one in PPO you will have to use the Update from PPO functionality to synchronise the MSP schedule with the information that has been updated on PPO. The Update from PPO functionality is made available by the MSP Add-In.

To use the latest version of the MSP Add-In you need to have .NET Framework 4 or later installed. To confirm if you already have a compatible version of .NET Framework installed you must browse to the C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET directory. On a 64 bit version of Windows you will see the Framework and Framework64 folders whilst on a 32 bit version you will only see the Framework folder.


You can open either of these folders to confirm if you have .NET Framework 4 or higher installed. Look for the v4.0.30319 folder, if you don't see the folder you need to download and install .NET Framework 4 from Microsoft’s website. For a link to the download page click here.


For more detailed installation instructions for .NET Framework 4 please click here. 

An installation file for the MSP Add-In can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this FAQ.

STEP 1: Uninstall any previous versions of the MSP Add-In

In order to install the latest version of the MSP Add-In, all previous versions of the Add-In have to be removed from your machine.

To do this access the Control Panel and select Uninstall a program. Select the MSP Add-In and click on Uninstall.


Proceed with the uninstall process before continuing to the next step.

STEP 2: Download the latest version of the MSP Add-In

  1. The latest version of the MSP Add-In can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this FAQ or from the Resources page on the support portal.
  2. Note:  There are two set up kits for the MSP Add In in the zipped folder.  If your MS Project is 32 bit, the 32 bit Add-In should be installed.  If your MS Project is 64 bit, it will be required to install the 64 bit Add-In.
  3. When you click on the installation link the system will ask you whether you want to save or open the folder – save the file onto your desktop or other accessible location.
  4. Once the compressed folder has been saved to your computer, right-click on the folder and select the “Extract Here” option to extract the contents of the folder.
  5. Open the newly extracted folder to continue. 

STEP 3: Install the MSP Add-In

  1. In the extracted folder you will see two files. If your MS Project is 32 bit, the 32 bit Add-In should be installed. If your MS Project is 64 bit, then install the 64 bit Add-In. Double click on the applicable executable.
  2. Follow the instructions through the Installation Wizard.

  3. Once the installation is complete you will see the following screen.

  4. Click on Close.
STEP 4: Check Microsoft Project
When you now open Microsoft Project you will notice a new option called “Update from PPO” under the Tools Menu (for MSP 2007 users) or on the Add-Ins Menu (if you are a MSP 2010 / 2013 and 2016 user).

STEP 5: Using the MSP Add-In to update your project plan
For a step-by-step guide on how to use the MSP Add-In, access the following FAQ.
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