Does PPO have a Knowledge Management / Lessons entity?

Lessons entity
PPO has a standard, pre-configured Lessons entity that can be deployed to your instance. This Lessons entity is included in some of PPO’s pre-configured instances, but can also be deployed to your instance by request. To set up this entity, go to Administration >> Data Fields and select one of the unused custom entities. Rename the entity to "Lessons".



Then log a support call from your PPO Home Page requesting that the standard Lessons entity configuration be deployed to your instance and the PPO Support Team will assist.

Using the Lessons entity in PPO
Knowledge Management
consists of strategies and practices used in organisations to enable and encourage the adoption of processes and practices that have lead to project success in the past. Pieces of knowledge are often captured in the form of lessons learnt. These lessons are experiences and insights gained during a project that play a key role in project success and can be reused by project managers during the implementation of future projects. These experiences and insights can be small and seemingly insignificant, but can make a huge impact on the success of a project.

Lessons must be captured during the life span of a project and need to be reviewed and managed continuously. This process should ensure that lessons are understood, improved and cleaned up for future use. Each lesson should ideally be associated with an action that will render the lesson reusable and each lesson should be assigned to a lesson owner to perform this action.

After a lesson has been reviewed and actioned it should be made available to other members of the organisation. Lessons are primarily used during planning and initiation to chart a course for the project and to address problems during execution. During the closure phase, all lessons should be concluded, resolved and archived.


Included in the standard Lessons entity
After the Lessons entity has been deployed to your instance, you will notice an added Lessons section on your Project >> View page, as well as an additional link on the Quick Page Locator.

The Lessons entity is accompanied by a Lessons Learnt Report, which will be deployed along with the Lessons entity onto your instance upon request. There are no costs associated with either the implementation of the standard Lessons entity or the deployment of the report to your instance.


Additional considerations

Keep in mind that each instance of PPO can only have nine custom entities. The Lessons entity can only be added to your instance if you have used eight or less of your custom entities to capture other information.

We recommend that you add a separate, dedicated project for capturing lessons. Most clients filter out projects that are marked as inactive which means that all of your project information (including the lessons learnt) will be filtered out as well once the project is concluded. However, if you add a project to be used exclusively for lessons learnt, the lessons will remain intact, reusable and searchable for future use.

Key deliverables, such as documents, can also be stored under the lessons project. These documents must first be made re-usable during the closure of a project and can then be added to the lessons project. When project managers and team members require a certain deliverable document, they can consult the Lessons entity before constructing a document of their own.
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