How can I record and show the predecessors and task dependencies in PPO?

When using Microsoft Project (MSP) for scheduling you can make use of the predecessor and successor field to determine dependencies. For the sake of this FAQ  the steps to include predecessors have been described but the same steps can be followed to also include the successor field.

Step 1 - Implement Predecessors Data Field
A new data field must be added to the Task entity as follows:


Note: when the field is added, the Field Type must be Text and can be set to the maximum text length (50). It‘s also recommended that the field be included in the list so it's available from the Task List page for all users.

Step 2 - Map the MSP Predecessors field to PPO
The predecessor is recorded in Microsoft Project (MSP) and the field in MSP is called "Predecessors":


In order for this field to be imported into PPO, the MSP field needs to be mapped to the PPO field on the Task Import Field under the System Configuration:


Note: in the example above the PPO field is T04 and the MSP field is taskpredecessors.

Step 3 - Import the project plan into PPO
Import your MSP plan into PPO. The predecessor from MSP will be imported into the PPO data field.

Step 4 - View predecessor(s)
The predecessor(s) can now be viewed from a Task List page:

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