How can I make the "Project Manager" field required when a project has moved into "Initiating"?

PPO allows users to set up Business Rules from the front-end of PPO. These rules include actions such as preventing an update if certain criteria aren't met (validation rules), the sending of e-mails based on trigger events in PPO (send e-mail) and the ability to call a web service in order to add, update or extract data from outside of PPO (call web service).

This article will explain in detail one specific application of the Business Rules: How to make a field required based on a predefined condition. This will be explained using the example of making the Project Manager field required once the project has moved beyond the justification stage. This falls under the validation rules section of the business rules.

For detailed steps on setting up validation rules and other Business Rules, see the following knowledge base article

Step 1: Add a new Business Rule and provide the base information

Access the Business Rules from the Administration menu item and fill in the information as per below:


Step 2: Set up the condition

The rule should be that no project should be updated if it is in a stage after justification EXCEPT if the Project Manager field is populated.

The conditions of the validation rule should therefore specify that the update should be prevented when the New values on the project stage field is anything but Justification.

To set this up select the "New values" condition:


Then set up the filter as follows:


Submit the Filter Item and the Filter.

Step 3: Set up the exception

So far the validation rule specifies that no project should be allowed to be updated if the project is in any stage other than Justification. However, the rule should specify that the project may be edited after Justification only if the Project Manager field is populated. The exception should therefore be applied if the Project Manager field is NOT empty.

To set this up select the "New values" exception:


Then set up the Filter as follows:


Submit the Filter Item, Filter and submit the Business Rule.

This rule will thus prevent a project from being submitted if the stage is later than Justification and no Project Manager has been specified.

The principles explained in this FAQ can be applied to other scenarios as well to make fields required and non-required based on conditions and exceptions.

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