Can I load the same resource as a user onto more than one instance of PPO?

Resources can be loaded as users onto as many instances as required however the following needs to be kept in mind:

1. Every instance of PPO operates in isolation. There will be no sharing of information / data between the two instances where a person is loaded as a user. For more information on the structure of PPO, please access the PPO Technical Factsheet.

2. The difference between employees and users has to be kept in mind (for more details, please access the following FAQ). A resource may be loaded as an employee on more than one instance but will not have access to log onto either instance if they are not loaded as a user. Access to log onto an instance is only awarded to users. It is entirely possible for a person to be loaded as an employee on more than one instance, but to only have access to log onto one instance (i.e. the person is only loaded as a user on one instance).

Person loaded as employee


Only employees that are loaded as users will have access to PPO


3. PPO is available on a subscription basis. A monthly fee is charged for every subscription available on the instance. If a person is loaded as a user, they automatically occupy a subscription. If a person is loaded as a user on two instances, they occupy two subscriptions, which means two subscriptions will be charged for. Please access the PPO Pricing page for full pricing information.

4. No distinction is made between users in terms of their access rights. For example, a user that logs in purely to look at reports still occupies a full subscription and is therefore billed at the same rate as a user that fulfils an administrative role and has access to all the functionality PPO has to offer.

5. Training instances work a bit differently. When a client has their own training instance, the training instance can accommodate the same number of subscriptions as the clients' live instance. For example, if a client is paying for 50 subscriptions for their live instance, 50 subscriptions will be available on the training instance. The training instance is charged at a fixed rate per month and is not dependent on the number of subscriptions or users loaded onto the training instance. A user can therefore be loaded onto a client’s live instance and on their training instance, while only the subscription cost of the live instance is incurred. For more information on training instances, access the following FAQ.

6. Some limitations are placed on users if they are loaded onto more than one instance. For example, the document upload via e-mail functionality will no longer be available to that user. Access the following FAQ for more information.

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