How can I request that a report be e-mailed from PPO to specific users and what information should I provide?

Often, clients want a PPO report or dashboard to be e-mailed to them automatically, on a scheduled basis.  PPO caters for this requirement through its Report Mailer functionality.  

Currently, automated report mailing cannot be set up by a PPO Administrator (as they have View Only access).  If you would like to have reports mailed automatically, you should raise a support call, supplying all the necessary information, after which the PPO Support Team will then set up the report mailer on your behalf.

The following information should be included in the support call:

  1. The exact Report or Dashboard name (eg. Issues Report or Issues Dashboard)
  2. Applying Filters:  If there is a specific shared filter that you would like to apply you can provide the name or link.
  3. Schedule Type:  Indicate whether the report should send weekly or monthly.  
  4. Days:  Enter the days on which the report mailer must be sent (e.g Monday and Friday for weekly reports and the 1st and 31st of each month, for monthly reports)
  5. Attachment Type: The report can either be attached as a PDF or a datasheet (Excel data dump), depending on the specific report.
  6. Recipients:  When specifying the recipients for the report mailer a custom employee filter and/or one or more user groups can be selected (e.g. send to all users in user group: PPO Administrators OR send it to certain employees based on rules)
    Please note: If you want to customize the content that each recipient sees based on their identity, you need to specify additional filtering.  E.g. If you only want the recipients (which for argument’s sake are all project managers) to see the information for projects where they are the project manager, you need to provide this information.
  7. Subject:  By default this shows the Report / Dashboard name selected. You can specify what the E-mail subject should be.
  8. Body: Provide the text that should appear in the body of the e-mail when the report mailer is sent (eg. Dear Resource, Attached please find the weekly Issues Report from PPO. Regards the PPO Support Team)

Additional information:

  • If a report contains no data, an e-mail will not be sent,
  • The report mailers are sent out at 1am (GMT/UTC);
  • Filters will be applied as per the user‘s applicable user group; and
  • The recipient must be a PPO user
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