What are custom event handlers and how can I set them up?

Custom event handlers
Custom events
allow users to implement notifications, updates, additions and workflows by automating tasks under predetermined conditions and as defined by a set of rules. Custom events, therefore, brings a level of automation and sophistication to your PPO instance.

Examples of custom events include:
  • When a project is added, a specific set of Health Indicators and Comments is populated for the project, which are different depending on project type.
  • When an Issues' status moves to "Potential Risk", a Risk is automatically added to the project.
  • When a predecessor Task is marked as 100 percent complete, an e-mail notification is sent to the person responsible for the next Task.
  • When a Scope Change is approved, a decision relating to the approval of the Scope Change is automatically added to the decision log.
  • When a Project is added, a standard set of Tasks, based on a schedule template stored in PPO, is populated into the Tasks section using the project start date.

A custom event is based on a trigger that happens within PPO. It is normally an update (add or edit) of information and includes an action that it needs to perform, based on the event. There are currently two types of event handlers, namely handlers that send an e-mail and those that execute a program.

The following is an overview of the sequence of actions that take place when (1) a project is updated (event) and (2) a custom notification is sent to the sponsor requesting approval (action).

Step 1: A user clicks on the submit button after adding a project to PPO.
Step 2: PPO recognises the event and places the event in a queue to action.
Step 3: The event handler processes the queue every 30 seconds and the event is processed.
Step 4: The project sponsor receives an e-mail requesting their approval of the project added.

How do I go about setting this up?
Custom event handlers
cannot be set up through the PPO web front-end. To request a custom event, log a support call from your PPO Home Page. The PPO Support Team will assist you in defining the requirement and guide you with the preparations. Once the requirement is clear, the PPO Support Team will draft the specification and the custom event handler will be implemented.

Please note that the development and implementation of custom event handlers are not covered by the standard PPO support. Development will therefore be quoted for separately and charged to the customer.

Additional considerations
There may sometimes be a slight delay in the custom event because the event is placed in a queue that is normally processed every 30 seconds.

A custom event is only triggered after the update (add or edit) has occurred and thus if the update fails (for example, the custom validation blocks the update or the user did not complete all mandatory fields) then the event will not be triggered.

Always document the custom events deployed in your training material and/or project methodology so as to provide understanding of these events and how they work. Make them available to users via your PPO Life Cycle.

For more information please consult the Technical Fact Sheet.
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