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The My Links Widget in PPO allows the flexibility of creating your own links on your Home Page for easy access.  

This article covers:

Allowing these links within a tool, whether they point to internal resources, external websites, other software applications or PPO reports and dashboard, can offer various benefits that contribute to improved user experience and efficiency.

Use cases

  • In most cases, an organisation would have a set list of tools that a resource would need to access in order to perform their daily tasks such as Teams, Outlook, etc.
  • You might have a couple of reports and dashboards within PPO that you run on a daily / weekly basis.  Having the link on your home page alleviates the need for extra clicks to get to the report.  You can also save the report / dashboard URL link that is already filtered based on the criteria you have selected.
  • Links to frequently used websites.
  • Links to internal resources.

My Links default

By default, when provisioning a new PPO instance, the Dashboard home page will have a My Links widget with pre-defined links as shown below.  

If you are an existing client, the defaults for the above four links will be set under the Widget Configuration admin settings that are maintained by your PPO Administrator. 

Configuring links

To add the My Links widget to a canvas on your home page, click on Edit:

You can either add the widgets to an existing panel, or create a new panel. In this example we are adding a new panel:

To add your widget into the panel, click on the Add widget action button or click in the "No Widgets?" box.

The various widgets to choose from is shown in a pop up box. When clicking on the My Links widget, you will notice a drop down to either select My Links or Links.

The My Links widget can only be used once on the home page (and takes the default set under Widget Configuration).  If you select the Links widget, it can be used across multiple canvases on the home page.  

If the My Links widget has already been applied to a canvas,, you won't see the drop down when trying to add Links on other home pages.  You then simply click on the My Links block then click add.  That will allow you to set up your own links on various canvases. 

Once you have added the My Links widget, you will see the below in your panel. To edit the widget, simply click on the settings (gear) Icon:

On the Settings page, you can:

1. Edit the existing links

2. Delete existing links

3. Sort by using drag and drop

4. Add new links - To add new links you just need to provide a Caption, Link and load an Image (PNG, JPEG, etc) or even a GIF.  Then click Save.

Widget configuration

For the PPO Administrators, navigate to the Widget Configuration page to edit / add the defaults for the My Links widget.

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