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The Board view in PPO is available on all list pages and allows you to visualise your data. The Board gives you the ability to apply a Group By, specify the fields that you want visible on the cards and it also allows you to configure workflows in columns.  

In addition, the Board views are interactive. You can edit the data on the cards without having to go to a new page, and YES, you guessed it, drag & drop of the cards is available within a workflow!

This article covers:

How to access board views

To access the Board view, navigate to the desired entity list page, click on the View drop-down, and select Board.  The example below demonstrates the Board View applied to the Demand entity.

Below is a view of the Board before the Group By and Workflow columns have been configured.

Adding or removing fields to show on cards

The gear icon settings have the same functionality available on List Pages. By clicking on the Gear icon on the right-hand side of the title bar, the settings page will open. 

This will allow you to add or remove the fields that are displayed on your cards.  You can also drag and drop the fields to adjust the sort order.

Applying a group by

In this step, we will show you how easy it is to apply a Group By field to start configuring your board view. Simply click on the gear icon and click to select a field to group by:

The view will then change indicating the group by selection. In this example we have selected to group by Portfolio/Type. 

Configuring a basic workflow

To configure a workflow, you click on the Gear icon and select the field that you want to use.  In the below example, we are using the Status field.

By selecting a workflow field, your columns will have headings based on the custom list values of the workflow field selected.

Custom workflow columns

Configuring a custom workflow comes in handy when you have selected a workflow field with numerous values and you want to group some together under a single workflow column heading.  This functionality also allows you to customise the column heading caption.  In the below example, we are using the work items entity.

Firstly you select a basic workflow as explained above.  For work items, we have selected Status.  

Above we have selected two statuses in one Column. Any items with with a Parked / Dependency Status will then be shown under the same column.

Expand / Collapse the group by

You have the ability to expand/collapse sections on your boards using the Show / Hide icon on the right hand side of the sections.  In the below example we have collapsed the Regulatory & Run the Business sections.


You can edit the data on the cards without having to navigate to a separate page. You simply hover over the Card, you will then see the Edit icon.  By clicking on Edit, the Edit box opens up where you can edit the values on the Card fields and Save.

Within the workflow that supports Custom List type fields, you can drag & drop!  You click on the card and drag it to the next workflow column.   In doing this, the record is updated with the new value based on the workflow column.

To view the full record, you can click on the Card Heading Title and it will take you to the view page of the item:

Important notes:

  • For workflows, we currently only support Custom List type fields.
  • If your workflow field is calculated you cannot drag and drop.
  • If your workflow field is used in a dependency, the usual checks will happen based on whether the parent / child relationship is in tact, else PPO will prompt an update.
  • You cannot drag and drop between Group by sections.

For more information on setting up defaults for all users, follow this article link.

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