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This article explains how to create a Business Rule which will automatically send a feed notification based on system events. System events for the Send to Feed business rule includes adding and editing of entity records such as Issues, Risks and Tasks. Send to Feed events can be set up for any entity in PPO and can be customised to trigger for specified set of conditions, allowing for flexibility and control. 

Something to consider when setting up Send to Feed notifications is whether or not you still want to Send Emails related to the same entities. 

Adding a send to feed notification

Under the Administration Menu select Business Rules which will take you to the Business Rule List page and then click on the Add button. On the page that is displayed, complete the information as described below:

Description:  Provide an applicable description for the feed notification e.g. "Issues - Send to Feed on Add (High Priority Issues)".

The entity this rule relates to:  Select the applicable entity from the drop-down list.

The events that should trigger the rule: Select whether the rule should be triggered on add or update.

Is the rule active?: The Active checkbox is by default selected when a new business rule is added. If you need to disable an existing rule you simply click the checkbox.

Action: Specify the "Send to Feed" action.

Recipient Fields: Click on the recipient fields to see a drop down list of the recipients available to send the feed notification to. Select the recipients who should be included, then click on the apply changes button. You will notice that all the Resource List type fields on the specific entity, as well as on the project entity, are shown as available recipient fields.

Recipient User Groups: Click on the Recipient User Groups drop down list to select specific user groups that you want the feed notification to be sent to.

Conditions and exceptions: In this section you can specify any conditions or exceptions for when the business rule should be triggered. In the above example, it would only send a feed notification where the Priority on the Issue is set as High.  

Additional notes:

  • Same as with Send E-Mail business rule, if your user group does not have access to view certain items, you would still get a feed notification based on how the rule has been set up but you would not be able to view the record.

In order to set up the above Send to Feed events, you must have the necessary User Group access to Business Rules.

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