Time Entry Dashboards

This article provides detailed explanations of the time entry dashboards available in PPO:

Time Entry Status Dashboard

The Time Entry Status Dashboard shows a project filter combo, an employee filter combo and a start and end date parameter, as well as a group by parameter. It can be generated in either a Dashboard View or a PDF View. The dashboard is broken up into three sections:

Time Entries by Employee - The Time Entries by Employee section displays a bar chart indicating the amount of approved time versus non-approved time per employee. Below the chart a complete breakdown is given per employee, of the amount of hours based on the ‘Group By’ parameter selected for the Dashboard. It can either display the time entries by Department or Job Title.

Time Entries by Project / Non-Project Related - The graph indicates the total amount of time entries booked by all the employees assigned to the respective projects or non project related items. The projects displayed can be filtered by using the Project Combo filter for the dashboard.

Time Entries Distribution - The Time Entries Distribution pie graph at the bottom of the dashboard displays the distribution of the total number of time entries across all the projects.

Time Entry Summary Dashboard

The Time Entry Summary Dashboard shows a project filter combo, an employee filter combo, a group by parameter as well as a start and end date parameter.  It can be generated in either a Dashboard View or a PDF View. The report can be grouped by Department or Job Title.

The Time Entry Summary Dashboard displays a bar chart that summarises the total amount of hours booked per department (or Job Title, based on the Group By parameter applied) versus the total amount of capacity available for the Department. Below the bar chart, a summarised breakdown is given of the total amount of time booked and the total amount of time available (capacity). This is then translated into a % Utilisation indicating how much time is actually utilised / booked compared to capacity.

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