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The List Widget in PPO allows the flexibility of creating your own lists on your Home Page.  The functionality allows users to create a list and add any entity item to the list.

This article covers:

Use cases

  • For the PMO, you could create a list for "Governance Checks" that need to be done. In this list, you can link the specific projects that you need to check, or even have a couple of Governance Requirement items linked that you need to address or follow up on.
  • Another good example for the PMO is to have a list for "Data Quality Reviews" that need to be done. 
  • You can create a "Watchlist Projects" list - within this list, you can link the Projects that have a Red Project Health and most likely needs management intervention.
  • There could be projects that are On-Hold that needs to be discussed in Portfolio Review Meetings, so a list of "On-Hold Projects" could make sense in your environment.
  • To have a list of various items that needs to be done in the next week you could add a "Focus Items for the Week" list and link all relevant Issues, Risks, Tasks etc that you know need to be done within that week.
  • If you are running Agile projects, you can add a list for "My Work Items" and link the work items to the list that is in a sprint.

Default blank list

When logging into PPO you will see a blank list on the right-hand side of the Calendar Widget (will link to the article once published).

Important to note:

  • If you were an active user when this feature was deployed (2023.05.23) you will have one list on your Home Page named "Favourites" as shown below.  You can rename or delete this list based on your need.
  • New users added after the deployment date will have an empty list on their Home Page.

Adding lists

To add a list, you have two options (A) On the Home Page, you click on the Create New List icon, capture the name of your list and click on the Save icon.

(B) When on the View Page of an entity item you click on the 'Save to List' icon (next to the 'Copy Page URL' icon), click on the "Create New List" icon (+), capture a name, and Save.

Adding items to a list

You will see the 'Save to List' icon next to the 'Copy Page URL' icon in the page title when you are on an entity View or Edit page. In the below screenshot, I am on the Project View page for the Cashflow Boost Project.  Here you have two options, you either check the box and add the item to an existing list (Watchlist Projects) or you can click on the "Create New List" (+) icon.

Removing items from a list

There are 2 ways to remove an item that is linked to your list:

(A) from your Home Page, select the list, then simply click on the "Remove" (x) icon for the item.

(B) When on the View Page of the Item, click on the "Save to List" icon and untick from the list and Save.

Feed notifications

You have the option to receive a feed notification if the linked list item is either updated or if there is a conversation update on the item.  This will only be the case if your list and the specific item have notifications enabled. In the below example you will get a notification for the "Lack of Ownership" risk but not for the "Progress Meetings not attended" risk.

If you don't want to get feed notifications then you simply disable the notification on the list level.

Editing / Deleting Lists

You can Edit the name of the List or Delete the list via your Home Page using the icons shown below.

Filtering for lists items on a List Page

Shared filters are available on all List Pages so that you can filter to only see items that are linked to your list/s.  The below example is on a Risk List page and the shared filter name is Items on my List.
Additional Considerations:
  • To re-order items linked to your list you can use the drag-and-drop functionality.
  • The number of items n your list is shown in brackets next to the list name. 
  • You can add items to a single or multiple Lists.
  • Lists are always shown in alphabetical order.
  • Assigning multiple items to a List on the Home Page via a List Page is not yet supported.
  • If a user doesn't have a List on their Home Page and tries to use the "Add to List" icon on a View page, we will dynamically add a "Favourites" list that you can use.
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