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The Calendar Widget in PPO gives you the ability to add and display events from entity items, based on certain criteria. The Calendar shows the related data as a weekly or monthly view on your Home Page.

This article covers:

Use cases

  • You might want to see Key Milestone Dates for your projects. For this, you can use the Task entity as the data source, apply the "My Projects" project filter and filter on the milestone task type.
  • As a default setting, the PPO Administrator could show planned project completion dates on the calendar. For this, you could specify the Required End Date of a Project.  This would give great visibility to all the Stakeholders.
  • You could also add Benefits to your Calendar based on when the Planned Realisation Date is.
  • For the PMO that manages the dates of key Portfolio Review Meetings, it might be valuable to add Tasks and apply these to the calendar.

Navigation with your calendar widget

On the left-hand side of the calendar, you can either select a Month or a Week view.  You can also navigate to the previous or next week / month view using the buttons highlighted below on the right-hand side of the widget. By default, the Calendar will show as a weekly view and will include weekends (this default can be changed - see Default Settings in the next section).


Switching to monthly will give you the full month view:

2024-03-18 13 03 58.png

All events shown on your calendar have a drill-through capability.  Drilling into an event takes you to the relevant entity item in PPO where you can action your usual updates like editing the record / marking an item as closed.

Default Settings

To view your default settings, click on the Gear icon:

Default Settings.png

Default items to show on the Calendar have been set as below:


  • Public Holidays - Public Holidays will show in Red if Public Holidays have been added to your instance.
  • My Tasks - The Planned End Date for Tasks where you are selected as the Responsible Person. 
  • My Risks - The Follow Up Date of Risks where you are selected as the Risk Owner. 
  • My Issues - The Follow Up Date of Issues where you are selected as the Issue Owner.


  • Default View - This is set to Weekly
  • Today Colour - Light shade of blue
  • Show Weekends - This has been set to include weekends

Adding events to your calendar

To add an event to your Calendar, click on the Gear icon to view  your Settings and then simply click on the Add an Event icon.

Once you have selected the add an event button, the below fields will be visible:

(1) Title - Provide a Title for your event (i.e. My Tasks, My Risks, My Issues).

(2) Data Source - You can select any entity from the drop down list.

(3) Filter - Based on the entity selected, you have the option to apply filtering the same way as you would on a list page in the Filter Control.

(4) Start - Select the date that indicates the start of the calendar entry. All the date type fields for the specific entity will be listed.

(5) End - This allows you to select a date that indicates the end of the calendar entry. This is optional and not mandatory. All the date type fields for the specific entity will be listed.  

(6) Where I am - Optionally include events where I am the selected value.  The list will show all the Resource List type fields on the selected entity.

(7) Colour - This allows you to choose the colour that will be displayed for the event on the calendar. You can either use the colour picker or insert a RGB code.

Copying an event

If you would like to copy an event so that you can add a similar one, you simply click on the copy icon.  In doing so, the new event with open where you can make the necessary tweaks and Save.

Editing an event

To edit an existing event you simply click on the edit icon as shown below.  This will open the event that will allow you make changes where applicable.

Refreshing your calendar

If you would like to refresh data on your calendar without having to refresh the entire page, click on the Refresh icon.

Deleting events from your calendar

To remove events from your Calendar, click on the Gear icon as shown in the above screenshot.  Use the Delete icons as indicated below.

Additional Considerations:

  • You cannot edit a record directly on the calendar but you can drill through to the record to make an update.
  • Only records where the data source is in PPO can be added to the Calendar, you cannot add other items that don't exist in PPO.
  • The calendar does not currently support integration with other external calendars.
  • PPO Administrators can set the defaults for all users using the Widget Configuration menu.
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